Saturday, June 15, 2013

Seoul Yummy (Square 2)

It's been over a year since I last visited Seoul Yummy.. There seemed to be some changes to their menu..

They now offer "The Ultimate Combo for Two" ($43.90).. There were so many dishes to choose from.. I took quite a while to decide what I wanted..

My choices for the Combo were:
1 side dish (Pork Cutlet)
2 meat/seafood main dish (Hotplate Spicy Chicken; Saba Fish)
1 hotpot soup (Spicy Beef Soup)
1 dessert (Mango Bingsoo)
Two bowls of rice (plain / multi-grain)

Ginseng Chicken Soup ($15.90)
1 plain rice ($1.50)
Roasted Barley Tea ($1.20 per pax)

My bill: $76.35 for 3 pax, which would be about $25 per person.. (^o^)

Now let's eat~~

Pork Cutlet was tougher than I thought.. Far from tasty.. It was dry and bland.. The sesame dipping sauce that came with it helped a lot.. At least I managed to clean the plate! :D

Hotplate Spicy Chicken was of food court standard.. probably the only plus point was that this had more slices and less minced chicken than the ones found in food courts..

Saba Fish was not my dish but I was told that it was not bad! :)

Spicy Beef Soup was yummilicious! The cubes of tofu and glass noodles absorbed the tasty korean-spicy soup.. It was so good that I was slurping away the glass noodles from that hot hot pot of soup, ignoring my multi-grain rice! Although the down point was that there were only two slices of beef.. sad eh.. (-_-)

Note: You can add $6.90 and choose Ginseng Chicken Soup for the combo.. but because I wanted to try the Spicy Beef Soup so I ordered Ginseng Chicken Soup as ala carte.

Ginseng Chicken Soup has always been the must-have of this restaurant.. Compared to a year ago.. I think that the soup tasted a little different.. The taste of the ginseng was stronger and the broth was thinner.. Depending on individual's preference.. I preferred the soup I had a year ago but some might prefer the new taste that is more herbal..

For those who had not visited Seoul Yummy before: Like most Korean restaurants, they will serve the Korean side dishes.. About 6-8 small bowls of side dishes would be served.. They change their variety of side dishes from day to day.. There are kimchi, cold spicy tofu, sauteed peanuts, ikan bilis, potato salad, bean sprouts and etc..

My all-time-favorite is: Cold Spicy Tofu!

Mango Bingsoo was a terrific dessert to end the meal.. After all the flavorful dishes.. high salt content, hotness and spiciness.. I needed something sweet, sour and cold! The slightly sourish soft serve yogurt and sweet mango syrup did the magic.. mix it with some crushed ice with syrup and eat with the jellies! so satisfying~~ then pamper yourself with a slice of mango.. heavenly!

Food: There are many mixed reviews on Seoul Yummy online.. hmmmm.. Personally, I think that Seoul Yummy offers affordable Korean food of satisfying standard.. after all, it's a mid-range cost restaurant.. so my expectations are not as high.. If I want to have really really authentic and good Korean food, I would go to an atas (Malay for high class) Korean restaurant or perhaps fly to Korea!

Service: The waiters are very friendly and prompt.. THEY SMILE!! though I thought that they were kind of understaffed on a Saturday.. I was attended to every time I seek for more side dishes..

Hygiene: They clean the tables with disinfectant spray and I could see the waitress cleaning the utensils diligently..

Ambience: There are two sides to the restaurants.. a dark side and a bright side.. hahahaha.. Actually, the restaurant occupies two units, separated by a walking aisle.. if you prefer to dine under dim lights (for couples!), go left! if you prefer to dine in a bright environment (for family and gathering), go right!

Verdict: I will definitely go back again! Seoul Yummy is one of the most easily accessible Korean food chain restaurants in Singapore.. Besides all-you-can-order side dishes and refillable roasted barley tea, the food is acceptable and the price is affordable.. I want to eat Army Stew next time!

Seoul Yummy (Square 2)
10 Sinaran Drive
#03-68 Novena Square 2
Tel: 63976939
Fax: 63976938

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