Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oceans of Seafood

Oceans of Seafood consists of two restaurants - Japanese Restaurant and International Seafood Restaurant. They are opposite each other..

Japanese Restaurant

International Seafood Restaurant

I chose to sit at the Japanese Restaurant as I was tempted by the setting and ambience..

I was given two menus - the menus of both restaurants: (^O^)

(Click here for PDF)

*Please note that there is different menu if you are seated at the International Seafood Restaurant. (^__^)

I have mixed feelings for Salmon Chirashi ($18).

Thumbs up: Visually pleasant aside, the salmon was quite fresh. It was of generous portion and the slices were thick and big.

Small flaw: the rice sticks to the bowl! I found that the rice was a bit dry, thus it gets glued to the bowl. Perfect Japanese rice does not glue to the bowl.

Oceans' Taster ($178) was probably the best seafood platter I had in recent months.. (the ones I had in Japan were probably the best I ever had).. The platter arrived with three sauces - black pepper sauce, butter and garlic sauce. See pics below for a better view of the crab, lobster and king prawns..

The words to describe the humongous crab, fleshy lobster and big prawns are only.. only.. only.. Succulent, Sweet, Satisfied! It's such an "Sss" platter!

I did not dip the sauce for the crab and lobster because it would be such a waste! The seafood were so fresh.. There was no need for the sauce..
Also, because the seafood were so fresh, there was no need to cook it in a complicated way..

I guess the seafood was cooked simply with salt, garlic and butter/oil..

The crab had a strong buttery taste which complements the sweetness of the flesh.. Awwwwwwesomeness max!

The lobster comes off the shell easily.. no hassle.. proves FRESHNESS! Without dipping any sauce, I stuffed half of the lobster meat in one mouthful.. O.M.G.. all my stress from work was relieved in one bite!

I had fun shelling my big prawns because they came off so easily.. I had some of them without dipping any sauce.. They were so springy! hahahaha...

For some prawns, I tried dipping the sauces.. Personally, I thought they did not go well with black pepper because it overpowers the prawn and diminishes the sweetness of the fresh prawns.. Wasted! Some might like the creamy and fragrant butter but I'm not a fan.. I preferred the garlic sauce that brings out or even enhances the sweetness of prawns.. (^O^)

How fresh were the seafood?

The waiter came to me and said: "Fresh right? Like they are alive!"

Ambience: Above average. Suitable for many, including family with children, group gatherings, couples and friends.. There is a crowd but the seats are rather spaced out.. So you will have a personal space to talk to your group/friend(s).. The dim lightings makes me feel comfortable.. I mean everyone is psychologically 1/4 drunk/relaxed under dim lightings..

Hygiene: Though there is a display of raw seafood like a wet market, there was no stench of fishiness and the environment was kept dry and clean.. No worries about slipping and falling on wet floors.. Also, because the place is still new.. so there would be a standard of cleaniness.

Verdict: Second visit? I'm planning to plot a date on my schedule already! I've decided to invest more on the seafood from the International Seafood Restaurant and probably just order sashimi from the Japanese Restaurant. (^O^)

Oceans of Seafood
PasarBella @ The Grandstand
200 Turf Club Road
Tel: 64661005
Operating hours: (Daily) 09:30 - 21:30

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