Sunday, June 23, 2013

Huber's Deli (The Grandstand)

I've been waiting to try Huber's Deli for more than a month since it's opening at PasarBella @ The Grandstand!

Let's take a look at its menu~~

Not knowing much about what's good and what's not..
The staff recommended Spicy Pork ($7.80)..

Hmmm.. I can't take food that are too spicy
but the staff assured me that it would be just a bit of spiciness..
Hence I went ahead with it..

Pretty box with a delicious naughty message:
You'll probably bite off more than you can chew!

Time to open up the box!

Ta-daaaa~ You can add whatever sauce you like at the counter..
There are BBQ, mustard, chilli and ketchup..

The large amount of sauerkraut and melted cheese toned down the spiciness of pork sausage! Big big love for the sauerkraut! It was nicely done and it went so well with the sausage..

Ambience: Situated within PasarBella.. The environment is pretty already.. There was a crowd but it was not packed.. I considered it vibrant but not a noisy place.. There are many small tables in the eating area around Huber's Deli.. There are also more seats on the 2nd level.. I did not have problems finding an empty table on a Saturday afternoon.. If you are going in a big group.. you can join up the small tables.. People are easy-going there under the dim lightings, feeling relaxed.. Heehee~

Verdict: I don't mind trying other sausages/sandwiches if I'm going back to PasarBella again.. (^O^)

Huber's Deli (The Grandstand)
200 Turf Club Road
Tel: 67371588
Operating hours: (Daily) 09:00 - 17:00

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