Sunday, January 26, 2014

Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家)

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year (CNY) in advance?
Are you still looking for a place for CNY reunion lunch/dinner?
Or are you thinking of where to eat since you have foreseen yourself experiencing post-CNY syndrome like me?

Let me propose Gu Ma Jia (姑妈家)...

For those who are celebrating early - Gu Ma Jia is offering 10% discount until 29 January when you dine in at the restaurant.

For those who are still deciding where to have your CNY reunion lunch/dinner on 30 January (Thursday) - Gu Ma Jia has CNY 2014 Set Menu Promotions with four timings to choose from: 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm, 2.15pm – 4.15pm, 6.00 pm – 7.45 pm, and 8.00pm – 9.45 pm.

The restaurant will be closed on 31 January (Friday) and 1 February (Saturday) but operations will resume on 2 February (Sunday) - a great day to makan before starting work on Monday, if you have to work on Monday. Check out the restaurant's menu.

(*FYI: There is no GST and no service charge at Gu Ma Jia.)

As for me, I'm planning to pay a visit to the restaurant again post-CNY! Lemme share some of the unforgettable food I had previously.

Gu Ma Jia is famously known for its signature dish - Assam Fish Head ($28). Many bloggers have praised the delicacy and even celebrities have visited the restaurant to have a taste of this delicious dish. YES! I bet you can finish two bowls of rice with just the gravy. The gravy wins hands down by having the balance of 4S. It was sweet, spicy, savory and sour.

The sweetness of the gravy was very "fishy"... in a good way! I later found out that the natural sweetness of the gravy came from the fish! The fish was cooked in the gravy to perfection with its meat still moist and tender. (FYI: Many places steam the fish head and then pour the gravy over it.) *Apologies for the absence of photograph.

Some people travel all the way here just for its Assam Fish Head. But Gu Ma Jia offers many other good delicious dishes.

You can see how steaming hot these Kyoto Pork Ribs ($20) were! I was so fascinated that I didn't had time to react and take a snap of what happened. When this dish was served, the pork ribs were covered and wrapped with aluminium foil, placed on a hot plate. The fascinating thing was - it was on fire! Wow... they actually had sprinkled some rose wine over it then lit it up so that the fragrance of the rose wine will be infused in the pork ribs.

Cheers for the dual effect, making the dish tasty with visual impact! See.. they could do that in the kitchen but to do it in front of customers... Besides visually pleasing, it attracts attention of other tables. Well, I think one or two tables ordered this after they saw my dish on fire. Haha...

I loved everything about this dish to the max. The pork ribs were really tender, moist and soft. There were not much fats and the cuts were really generous. What perfected the dish was the tasty and savory sauce. It is a dish that will make you order another bowl of rice!

I can't help but to order Cereal Sotong with Curry Leaves ($16/$24/$30) because I'm a fan of cereal and a seafood lover. How good was it? I could finish the $16 portion (photo above) just on my own!! The batter was very thin and crisp. The best thing was that it was not oily. Also, the batter does not start peeling off from the sotong which shows how well the batter was done.

Sotong was not overcooked at all and if you are a sotong fan, you would know that sotong itself does not have too much flavour. Hence, you might have realized that sotong needs many other condiments or spices to bring out its flavour. In this dish, the restaurant uses curry leaves and chilli padi. Very very well-done dish. We even finished the cereal!

I was surprised by the size of the prawns when Prawns with Salted Egg Yolk ($20/$30/$38) was served. The prawns were really big, fresh, juicy, sweet, and springy. They were so well-fried and so evenly covered in the tastily irresistible savory salted egg yolk sauce that I ate the prawns with the shells. My only regret was that I did not have a bottomless pit to eat more!

I believe many have tried Spinach with Assorted Eggs in many Chinese restaurants but Gu Ma Jia offers Spinach Soup with Assorted Eggs ($12/$20). Yes, you read correctly. It's a soup-based dish. Unlike the usual vegetable dish that is covered with the thick sauce of the assorted eggs. This tasted healthily yummilicious. The eggy taste of century eggs, salted egg yolks and chicken eggs were less prominent. The soup was light and sweet with the fragrance of the spinach. It was great that I ordered this because it kind of cleanse our palates after all those strong flavoured dishes.

For those who are making plans for a visit, please do call in advance to reserve a table!

Gu Ma Jia
Address: 45 Tai Thong Crescent, Sennett Estate, Singapore 347866
Tel: 62852023
Opening hours: (Daily) 11.00am - 10.00pm
Break time: (Mon - Fri) 3.30pm - 5.30pm

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon)

Chinese New Year is around the corner. An occasion for family to get together and feast! Have you decided what to have for reunion dinner? For those who have a budget of more than $80 per pax, you get to enjoy a feast of 山珍海味 at Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon). View the CNY 2014 menu here!

Alternatively, if you want to keep your budget within the wallet-friendly category, visit the restaurant for its Peking Duck and dim sum on days that do not fall within the CNY dining days.

If you wish to enjoy the renowned Peking Duck that placed Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant at 49th in Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2013, it is highly recommended to call and reserve a table and the Peking Duck about 3 days in advance.

I am not afraid to hide my kiasu-ism. If I am bringing my family to a restaurant for CNY dinner, I would do some tasting sessions to sample the restaurant's standard and check out the restaurant's ambiance. And I did. Now, let's feast and eat!

While I was deciding what to order, I was munching away these Cashew Nuts Glazed with Honey and Sesame (self-made name). Gosh.. I'm not a nutty fan and I hardly eat the snacks offered at Chinese restaurants but these were so good that it slowed down my mental processes to decide what to order.

Winter Melon Soup with Crabmeat and Conpoy ($10/pax) was so rich and flavorful! The natural sweetness from winter melon and crabmeat was so addictive. I just kept drinking it.

And look at the generous conpoy (dried scallop)! No wonder the soup was so tasty. Seriously, we just bottoms up the soup.

(Click on image to enlarge)

Well, I was given the dim sum order sheet. I just find dim sum irresistible and I had to order some!

(Note: There were some discrepancies between the prices stated on the dim sum order sheet and the actual prices. Prices for some dishes had increased.)

Steamed Rice Roll with Prawns ($6) was served with big chunky juicylicious prawns. I thought that the rice roll could be thinner though...

One of the usual favorites would be Siew Mai ($5). It was normal and decent. I like that the pork inside was still moist and sweet but there was no wow factor.

Another usual favourite would be Har Gau ($5) but it was... complicated. Hahahaa.. Hear me out. It was good that the skin did not stick to the paper and did not tear and break open when I picked it up. The prawn inside was juicy and chunky. But! I found the skin too floury and thick.

Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll with Prawns ($5) was over-fried. I like that the skin was fried to crisp but over-frying them made the beancurd skin loses its flavor. -_- That being said, the prawns were still moist and springy inside. The prawns saved the dish.

Deep Fried Prawn Dumpling ($5) was fried to its optimal crunchiness on the outside and the prawns were kept juicy and moist on the inside. Dipping it into the salad sauce provided on the side clears some of its greasiness. (^o^)

Steamed Custard Buns ($4.50) was good but I've had better ones. The bun was not fluffy enough and the custard was not tasty enough. It is comparable to the ones at Cryst*l J*de but I still prefer the ones at Bosses Restaurant (Vivocity)...

Now comes the main highlight! The Peking Duck ($68)!! The chef was very swift and quick in cutting the thin crust of skin and placing the slices onto the plate. The chef would then cut some of the meat from various parts of the duck and place them neatly on the plates (shown below). I like the cute duck plates.

How to eat?

1. Eat the skin first! Dip the skin in sugar and sweet bean sauce and enjoy its crispiness.
2. Start the spreading and wrapping. Spread sweet bean sauce and sprinkle some sugar on the steamed flour crepe.
3. Place spring onions and cucumbers (as many as you want) onto the steamed flour crepe.
4. Top up with the tenderlicious duck meat, how much you like, onto the steamed flour crepe.
5. Wrap it up and make sure it could still fit your mouth! Hahahaaa...

You can decide what to do with the rest of the duck (additional charges applied). Stir-fry duck with vegetables, Duck soup, Fried Rice with Duck meat, E-fu noodles with Duck meat and etc.

My recommendation: E-fu Noodles with Duck Meat ($10). Verrrrrrry good! I was surprised to find mui choy (sweet preserved vegetables) in it. After stir-frying the duck meat with mui choy, it enhances the flavor of the duck meat and brings out its sweetness. The noodles then absorbed all the fragrances and essences of the duck meat and mui choy. Hou hou sek (delicious in Cantonese)!!

Let me apologise for the lack for photos on the wraps and noodles because my hands were full! I was so occupied with prepping my Peking Duck wraps and slurping the noodles that I forgot to snap pictures. Nonetheless, let me assure you, the Peking Duck is really worth the money, the trip and the wait (to book in advance). It is also a good place to consider for CNY!

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck Restaurant (Paragon)
290 Orchard Road, #05-42/45, Singapore 238859
Tel: 6732 7838

Opening hours
Monday to Friday
Lunch: 11.30am to 2.45pm
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.00pm

Lunch: 11.00am to 2.45pm
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.00pm

Lunch: 10.30am to 2.45pm
Dinner: 6.00pm to 10.00pm

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fish Mart SAKURAYA (West Coast Plaza)

Many may know and many might not know that Fish Mart SAKURAYA is often visited by Japanese, Koreans, Caucasians, and of course, Singaporeans who are simply food-lovers..

Sakuraya has three branches in Singapore, namely at, West Coast Plaza, Parkway Parade and Anchorpoint. They are all easily accessible because all three places have FREE Shuttle Bus services (more info at the end of the post).

FYI: Sakuraya is a mini-mart that sells Japanese food products as well as a dining restaurant.

As I visit Japan often, my friends would always seek to find the tidbits I bought for them. I managed to find some of them here at Sakuraya! For those who cook Japanese cuisine, Sakuraya not only sells tidbits, it also sells vegetables (from Japan), Japanese rice, coffee, sake, shochu, sauces, seasonings, ice-cream, beverages and more.

Shopping for food is important but filling up my stomach is more important!

Sakuraya's dining area serves decent, affordable and fresh sashimi, sushi, bento, agemono and etc~~

It's a very fishy business. . . in a good way! Because not only you get to choose what you want to eat from the menu, you also get to choose what sashimi you want! Remember the times where you comment that the table beside you got a better plate of maguro? Well, no problems here, cos' you can just select what you think it's best from the neatly displayed seafood.

Step 1: Please be seated at a table first.
Step 2: Order the food and drinks from the menu.
Step 3: Take note of your table number. Go to the sashimi area to select the sashimi you want!
Step 4: Pass it to the staff at that area.
Step 5: You'll be asked if you want to takeaway or dine-in. If you're dining in, simply tell the staff your table number.

Now let's indulge! いただきます!

Oooh... The sashimi is really sweet and fresh.. Look at the salmon belly and scallops!

I love fresh wasabi~~! I always pay attention to whether the restaurants serve fresh wasabi or wasabi from tubes.. Heehee~~

Tempura was nicely done! The batter was light and crisp and the prawns were very plump. Yum yum~

Tori Karaage was decent and normal. I was glad that the skin was thin and the chicken was not overcooked.

Cha Soba was not bad. But it was very filling! I'd recommend it for two to share. That way, you'll get to eat more of other goodies.

Pumpkin Croquette is a MUST-TRY! I love how compact and solid it was! The pumpkin was also sweet and smooth. The exterior was so crispy that it was crunching every time I poked my chopsticks into it. Very good!

Prawn Tempura Maki and Soft-shell Crab Maki have both hits and misses. Prawn Tempura Maki has big prawns but it lacks flavour. It was kinda bland. On the other hand, Soft-shell Crab Maki was tastier but it was slightly oilier than I expected.

Sakura Sushi Set comprises of Maguro (tuna), Kanpachi (amberjack), Sake (salmon), Hotate (scallop), Tako (octopus), Ika (squid), Botan Ebi (sweet prawn), Tamago (egg), and Negi Toro Maki (fatty tuna and green onions). Well, I'll give a passable mark of 5/10 for this set. Everything was lacking of something. Maguro lacks freshness, salmon seems to have been left outside too long, tamago was not firm and toro was mediocre. The reason it passed was because this whole set is only $28 and it is enough to fill a lady's stomach.

I would be visiting Sakuraya sometime soon! Not only the locations are easily accessible, the affordability of the food they serve is a good enough point to put Sakuraya on my to-visit-again list. Also, I need to stock up my Japanese tidbits and food ingredients, most importantly, to satisfy my endless craving of sashimi and other Japanese food.

Do check out Sakuraya's website for more updates and promotion info!
(^O^) お楽しみに


West Coast Plaza (Free Shuttle Bus)
Address: 154 West Coast Road, #B1-50/51/52, Singapore 127371
Tel: 67736973
Fax: 67731254
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 10:30 - 22:00

Parkway Parade (Free Shuttle Bus)
Address: 80 Marine Parade Road, #B1-84D, Singapore 449269
Tel: 63454714
Fax: 63465924
Opening hours: (Mon-Thu, Sun & PH) 11:00 - 21:30
(Fri & Sat) 11:00 - 22:00

Anchorpoint (Free Shuttle Bus)
Address: 370 Alexandra Road, #01-32, Singapore 159953
Tel: 64742495
Fax: 68725569
Opening hours: (Mon-Sun) 10:00 - 22:00

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi (The Cathay)

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi has opened its 3rd branch on 21 November 2013 at The Cathay, B1-01!

From Kagetsu Ramen's Facebook:
To celebrate the opening of our NEW outlet at The Cathay, we are giving our fans an EXCLUSIVE FREE UPGRADE to our Arashi Genkotsu Char Siew Ramen when you order our Signature Arashi Genkotsu Ramen! Extra slices of Char Siew, extra taste of goooodness!

Simply flash the above image to the staff at Kagetsu Ramen (The Cathay) upon ordering to redeem this offer. Enjoy!

Check out the Weekday Lunch Set!
Available from 11.30am to 2.30pm.
Each set consists of 1 Main Dish + 1 Side Dish + 1 Hot/Iced Green Tea.

(*Remember to click on images to enlarge!)

Toppings are available at $1.50!

Add-Ons! These additions create a whole new flavor for your soup!
(They are all placed neatly on your table!)

1. Black Pepper
Add a dash of black pepper to enhance the flavors of the soup base!

2. Soy Sauce
A traditional recipe. Add a little soy sauce for a more richer, and distinctive taste.

3. Chives
This special, in-house seasoned chives are made daily - perfect for those who crave for spicy-ness!

4. Garlic
Add fresh garlic to complement the flavor of your soup! Fresh Garlic can be crushed using the unique garlic press tool!

(Images source: Ramen Kagetsu Arashi)

Before I comment on the ramen, I have to admit that I am an amateur gourmet when it comes to ramen. But fortunately, I was tasting Ramen Kagetsu Arashi with two food gourmets and one of them is a ramen fanatic.

Miss P ordered Arashi Genkotsu Ramen - Kagetsu's best-selling ramen. It features Kagetsu's house-made pork broth, simmered with pork marrow bones, fat and collagen. The natural sweetness stems from adding lots of garlic, onions, vegetables and various spices to the broth.

On the other hand, Miss H (ramen fanatic) ordered Arashi Genkotsu Miso Ramen which features Kagetsu's original miso soup. Kagetsu says that they use the finest miso paste from the prefectures across Japan. Each provincial flavor is infused to recreate an aromatic yet flavorful soup.

I ordered Arashi Genkotsu Shio Ramen. The soup was cooked with unrefined and natural sea salt which accentuates the flavors of the milky white broth.
It was said that natural sea salt has a richer, and more complex taste than processed salt. Kagetsu says that this gives their soup base "a distinctively refreshing taste".

(I didn't get to snap Miss P and Miss H's ramen because they were so famished that they were slurping away before I could take a shot!)

Both Miss P and Miss H felt that the broth was indeed very thick. Compared to many other ramen, Kagetsu's broth has a very distinctively strong garlic taste and smell. While it is very subjective to comment whether it is aromatic or not, I must say that Kagetsu's broth did made itself different from many chain ramen restaurants. Even though the strong garlic-ness did hit a punch on everyone's face, I could still taste the sweetness of the rich broth.

Noodles per se failed big time. Miss H, the ramen fanatic, only finished half of what was served. Not because she was full, but she just could not continue eating the soggy overcooked noodles. As for me, I thought the noodles was comparable to the instant noodles I cook. Hahaha.. I don't have high expectations lah. So I could say that Kagetsu does better than certain chain ramen restaurants like Ajis*n. But for the similar price, I would head for Keisuke's Ramen.

Miss P, the slender girl with a huge appetite, was the first to bottoms up! I thought she cleaned it up because it was so delicious but hell no! She shook her head and said that it was not nice; she was just hungry. -_-

It is an open secret that we can hardly find a good side dish at a ramen restaurant (besides Keisuke!). The pork cutlet (tonkatsu) was so floury and the batter coating was just too thick. Just imagine the ratio between the pork and batter is 1:1. The gyoza was much better, at least. The filling was pretty decent but the skin could be crispier. Also, either they should stuff it with more filling or they should use a smaller gyoza skin. The interior of the gyoza was so empty. Disappointing.

In conclusion, Kagetsu's ramen fared 5.5/10 and the sides were about 4/10. The serving is quite big so it does fill your stomach but it would not satisfy the you who is looking for a good ramen.

Ramen Kagetsu Arashi
The Cathay
Address: 2 Handy Rd, B1-01
Opening hours:
(Mon - Thu) 11:30 - 22:00
(Fri - Sat) 11:30 - 23:00
(Sun) 11:30 - 22:00

Other branches
The Star Vista
Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-41
Tel: 63390335

Tampines 1
Address: 10 Tampines Central 1, #02-09/10
Tel: 68540335

Tomi Sushi (Novena)

It's getting harder and harder to find a place that offers Japanese food of fine quality at an affordable price. I was hesitant to share the pocket-friendly lunch menu that Tomi Sushi offers. Because besides the good food, I enjoy the "less rowdy" environment.

Situated at Velocity Novena Square (just above Novena MRT Station), personally, it is not exactly what I would describe as the hype foodie place. However, I found one particular restaurant that is worth blogging!. . . Tomi Sushi!

Tomi Sushi serves high quality Japanese rice from Niigata and I quote, Niigata is the prefecture "renowned for its tasty premium-grade rice in fields irrigated by the melting snow in spring".

The menu is pretty similar to many Japanese restaurants in Singapore. They have several different menus, such as lunch menu and dinner menu, for different branches. Do check them out before visiting! To view them, please visit Tomi Sushi's website.

The restaurant is rather spacious, which is not a common sight in Japanese restaurants. The service is good! I like that they constantly refill my green tea. That's nice. The most important factor of putting a "good" to a restaurant's service is that - the staff are always around and walking around.

Okay, here comes the highlight of my post. I would recommend Tomi Sushi's Lunch Menu! (See the lunch menu below; click to enlarge.)

(Source: Tomi Sushi's website)

Q: Why I'd recommend such a common Japanese set lunch?!
A: The price and the quality served!!!

1. Yes, you can find similar Japanese lunch sets of this price range... BUT Tomi Sushi wins with its freshness of the sashimi.

2. Yes, you can find sashimi that is as fresh or even fresher... BUT it won't be as affordable as what you can find at Tomi Sushi.

I ordered Nigiri Sakura ($28).. The set was placed neatly on a tray. It comes with an assortment of sushi served on a plank, tori karaage (fried chicken), chawamushi (steamed egg), salad, miso soup and fruits. I practically loved everything that was on that tray! I can use words such as fresh, juicy, crispy, tasty, yummy, and etc.. But the best way to convince you how worthy my $28 was, is to go and try it yourself at Tomi Sushi!!

Tomi Sushi (Novena)
Address: 238 Thomson Road, #02-76/77 Velocity Novena Square, Singapore 307683
Tel: 62552355
Opening hours: (Daily) 11:30 - 22:30

Other branches:
Tomi Sushi (PARCO)
Address: PARCO Marina Bay 3F-04, 9 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039596
Tel: 63334633
Opening hours: (Daily) 11:30 - 22:30

Tomi Sushi (Katong)
Address: 30 East Coast Road #02-14/15/16, Katong V, Singapore 428751
Tel: 63487897
Opening hours: (Daily) 11:30-14:30 / 17:30-22:30

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

It's so hard to find a Japanese eatery that serves authentic and umami Japanese food without burning a big hole in my pocket. Needless to say, the best Japanese food I had or anyone could find, would be in Japan. For now, at least in Singapore, Koh Grill & Sushi Bar is one of the few places I frequently indulge in to satisfy my endless craving for Japanese food.

Some pre-visit messages:
1. Be prepared to pay! Though it may be situated near the food court area, the food prices aren't food court prices! At most times, bills amount to more than common sushi chains such as Sakae Sushi, or even Sushi Tei.

2. Expect appalling service! You might be searching for eye contact or waving hands for more than 10 minutes before you could flag down a waitress. That will be the norm there. Why? Because there's no service charge!! Hahahaaa... On a serious note, I believe it's probably because they are rather understaffed and the restaurant is constantly packed with a never-ending queue lining out there with killing stares! This brings me to my next point.

3. Wear a pair of comfortable shoes! Because you might have to queue for 20 minutes. I read a blogger who said that he queued for an hour! Wow... he was so suay lor... Lucky me.. I've visited Koh Grill & Sushi Bar many times and I've only waited for about 10 minutes or so. The longest waiting time was about 15 minutes.

4. Make reservation please, if you wanna skip the queue and if you're going in a big group. See the contact number at the end of my post!

5. Prepared to get cozy. Many couples visit Koh Grill & Sushi Bar. I've seen three couples sitting side by side in a six-seater table, three girlfriends lining on one side and their boyfriends opposite them, lining on the other side. Haha, they can check out one another's girl/boy. Unless you don't mind counter seats, the tables are placed pretty close to one another.

6. Go with a empty stomach! Koh Grill & Sushi Bar has a very extensive menu. They have sashimi, tempura, sushi, maki, grilled items, fried rice, udon and etc. You'll be spoilt with choices and might not have an idea what to order!

And because you might not know what to order, based on my visit experiences, I shall recommend the following...

Unsweetened Iced Green Tea ($1.50) - With all the strong flavorful food, I prefer something that will cleanse my taste buds.

Salmon Sashimi ($8, 5 slices) - I wouldn't shout a loud "so fresh". But it would not be an exaggeration to say that the sashimi here is fresher than many sushi restaurants.

Shiok Sushi ($6 per piece) - A mouth size sushi with aburi salmon. Basically, a mini version of the shiok maki with a larger slice of salmon wrapped around the sushi.

Shirane Tofu ($8) - Fried tofu with crispy fish skin. The generous amount of sauce did not dampen the crispiness of the tofu and fish skin. The combination was so interesting and by interesting, I meant it in a weird way, but it was surprisingly delicious and refreshing. I like it.

Foie Gras Maki ($28) - Foie gras sushi roll wrapped with aburi swordfish is the BEST maki I had in Koh Grill & Sushi Bar.

Shiok Maki 2nd Generation ($16.80) - Crispy prawn sushi roll wrapped with aburi salmon is better that the original 1st generation, in my opinion. Or maybe because I prefer prawn to eel. Heehee...

Crabby Maki ($18) - Crispy soft-shell crab and seaweed sushi roll wrapped with seared swordfish belly is a must-try if you love soft-shell crab. I like that it is not oily and the crisp remained even after being left on the table while I was busy snapping photos of other dishes.

Tempura Moriawase Special ($15) - Comprises prawns, squid, eggplant, pumpkin, and soft-shell crab tempura. It would be too much and too heavy for one person. The menu also stated that it is ideal for two persons. The batter is light, thus the outer is very crispy. I like the tempura dipping sauce which added flavor to the rather plain tempura.

Grilled Salmon Skin / Shake Kawa ($4) - This is different from the common fried salmon skin. As it is grilled, there's almost no oiliness in the dish. It is lightly salted and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoy potato chips! Maybe they could rename it as Grilled Salmon Chips. Hahahaa..

Asparagus Pork Belly Maki ($3 per stick) - I'm being biased. It's one of my favorite grilled items. Hahahaa...

Beef Fillet ($12) - Comparable to what is served at The Sushi Bar (Far East Plaza) but I'll prefer the beef fillet at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar because of the sauce that comes with it. The sauce is the key that made the beef fillet so delicious. The waitress questioned me in disbelief when I ordered two of this.

Before you leave, just walk near and give a shout-out and thank Patrick! The busy chef who has been torching the famous makis at the bar counter. Patrick is very friendly and will sure return your thanks with a big smile!! (^O^)

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
Address: #04-21, Wisma Atria Shopping Centre, 435 Orchard Road
Phone: 91803805
Opening hours: (Daily) 11:30 - 22:30