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Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons is the much-talked-about ramen restaurant for the past couple of months since its opening on 10 May. With queues lining outside its store like other three Keisuke ramen restaurants.. I wondered if the ramen served by Ramen Champion Keisuke Takeda was really that good..

Why visit Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons at Bugis Village?
Champions really think differently.. Singapore has many chain ramen restaurants.. But Keisuke Takeda's ramen outlets each has different concept.. Millenia Walk outlet serves ramen in crab broth while Amara Hotel outlet serves ramen in chicken broth.. The outlet at Orchid Hotel serves ramen in pork broth.. just like this outlet at Bugis Village but this outlet markets beautifies its ramen into Four Seasons (春夏秋冬) - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and plus a King version ramen.. Aren't you tempted yet?

First of all, where is the restaurant at Bugis Village?
If you are facing the entrance of KFC, walk down to the right side. If you are facing the entrance of McDonald's, walk down to the left side. The ramen restaurant, with its glamorous exterior, is hard to miss. (^O^)

What if there's a queue?
Just queue! Hahahaa.. No worries, there are free and more than enough barley tea to go around.. However, the trick to avoid queuing is to visit during off-peak hours.. I didn't queue and my orders came in less than 5 minutes on a Saturday because I visited at about 5pm..

How to order?
You will be given this order sheet and a pen when seated.

FYI: The order sheet is also available in Japanese! It's just on the other side of the same order sheet..

The order sheet is quite straight-forward.. Just check the box of your choice!

Spring Ramen: Basil and Parmesan Cheese
Recommended for food adventurers and people who loves cheese!

Summer Ramen: Spicy Minced Pork
It's SPICCCCCY! Not only it is spicy (hot), it is full of spice (Japanese shichimi, Szechuan pepper and Cayenne pepper)! Recommended for peppery and spicy-hot lovers~~

Autumn Ramen: Minced Pork with Bonito Flavour and Fried Mixed Mushrooms
Clearly.. It is so obvious that mushroom lovers must order this!

Winter Ramen: Pork Broth Ramen
This is the safest or in other words, non-adventurous choice. Recommended for people who prefers something simple and nice and with no surprise.. But also, at the same time, the best choice to assess the tastiness of its ramen..

King Ramen: Stir-fried Pork with Ginger on Top
What to say? The name says it all.. IT'S THE KING! Recommended for all.. (^O^)

(In the center) After making your order, sign up for the mobile membership, simply by scanning the QR code or through its website and you can enjoy 7% off!

(On the left) "替玉" (Japanese: kaedama): In a ramen restaurant, kaedama means extra noodles. The extra noodles comes when you are almost finished or have finished your bowl of ramen.. Please note that it does not mean that a bigger bowl of ramen is served to you.. (^______^)

(On the right) Japanese Rice: It is not uncommon to have rice with ramen.. Because the broth is thick and tasty.. not to forget that it would be extra saltier after all the flavour of pork (chasyu) and egg were being added in.. You can pour the rice into the leftover soup after you had finished your noodles.. うまい!! (yummy in Japanese)

Such a considerate restaurant! If you are scared that you would be in a mess while slurping your ramen.. You can ask for paper apron to protect your clothes and rubber band to tie your hair! Or if you want to cosplay as Keisuke! Hahaha..

You will be served with a tub of fried beansprouts and a bowl of hard-boiled eggs.. FOR YOUR FREE CONSUMPTION!

Gentle note: Please be considerate and hygienic!

Take only how much you can eat with the small tongs in the tub of beansprouts.. You can place them on the small dish plates provided.. I'm adding this note as I saw the person next to me eating directly from the tub with his chopsticks!

For the eggs.. Although it's freeeee, don't overstuffed yourself and try to finish the whole basket of eggs.. Remember to mind your cholesterol~~ There was another person at another table finishing all the eggs.. I wondered if she still had stomach space for her ramen..

Are you a hands-on person? Start grinding the sesame while waiting for your ramen! Adding some would add flavour to your ramen~~

Winter Ramen with Flavoured Egg ($12.90): Less means more.. not in a fashion sense but similar.. This simple ramen has no distractions.. You can enjoy (assess) the tastiness of the thick pork broth that was boiled for 11 hours.. Some, or should I say many, Singaporeans may find the broth "jelat" halfway through finishing your ramen.. If you are a true blue ramen-lover, you will know how to appreciate and might love this thick thick thick broth..

King Ramen with Flavoured Egg ($15.90): おいしい~~ (delicious in Japanese) The thinly sliced stir-fried pork contains a little fat.. Hence, it was soft and easy to chew.. The onions enhances the sweetness of the pork.. I like the black fungus.. Because there were so much of saltiness going on.. The black fungus really helped to tone down the feeling of overconsumption of sodium, psychologically.. Haha.. OH OH!! Important: The flavoured egg was soooo nicely done!! So soft and tasty!

Eating the noodles with the strong and thick (salty) broth, and savoury stir-fried pork.. Oooh~~~ No wonder it is called The KING..

LOVE: I like that it allows me to choose how I want my soup to be, what noodle texture and the amount of oil to add.. And thankfully, my ramen turned out how I wanted it to be..

The menu and way of ordering was very simple and direct.. I saw an old and sweet uncle-auntie couple discussing and ordering their ramen.. Though they needed a little help.. They understood with minimal explanation from the staff..

I also like the take-yourself and do-it-yourself concept.. which is very common in the eateries in Japan.. (^O^)

Ambience: I like the interior decor.. Different areas are decorated in different seasons.. It fits the name of the restaurant! Though the seats were kinda close to one another.. It was not as cramped as I thought it would be.. I think some eateries in Japan are more "cosy"..

Value: Worth! The price is comparable to some chain ramen restaurants in Singapore yet it is nicer compared to many of those restaurants..

Verdict: I will visit again~~ but maybe in another two weeks or so.. I admit the "Normal" broth (authentic Japanese taste) is really tasty but too much of it can really make me feel uncomfortable.. I'm not Japanese mah.. Let me make a date with Keisuke's ramen in two weeks' time then~~ and I will be choosing "Light" for my soup the next time!

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons
Bugis Village, 158 Rochor Road
Tel: 63335740
Opening hours:
(Mon - Fri) 11:30 - 14:30 / 17:00 - 20:30
(Sat & Sun) 11:30 - 20:30

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