Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kim Gary Plus Hong Kong Restaurant (ION Orchard)

It has been a very long time since I last visited Kim Gary. I noticed that it has opened a new branch at ION Orchard and it is called - Kim Gary Plus.

Maybe it was because I was out of touch with Hong Kong cafes, did Kim Gary used to have so many items on its menu??? There were too many so I couldn't photograph the menu page by page for you. The menu was so extensive that I took quite a while to decide what to have.

Well, as a full-fledged carnivore, the above promo caught my attention!
(Note: Click on image to enlarge.)

The sets are served with choice of soup (borsh or cream soup) and a beverage.

I was happy to see that my Cream Soup was filled to the brim! Haha.. Though it was not as hot as I wanted, it was warm enough to my standard. I like that the soup was not diluted but I thought that they could've added another pinch of salt to enhance the tastiness.

What a pretty presentation of a Garlic Bread in a basket~~ It was soft and fluffy!

My main highlight: Combo Hot Plate Set ($19.50) consists of grilled pork chop, fish fillet and chicken chop. Wow, it was sizzling hot! The choices of sauces are: white sauce, red sauce, garlic sauce or black pepper. And my choice was black pepper~

So how much do I love meat? I finished all of what was served! LOL.. The pork was tender, fish was not overcooked, and the chicken was moist. My only tiny complaint is the corn. It was not sweet lor. I was a bit disappointed... But actually, other than my three pieces of meat, the sides don't matter to me.

Fried Nissin Noodles with Chicken and Fried Egg ($9.90) - at Kim Gary, don't be embarrassed to order instant noodles that cost almost $10. Because, Kim Gary made the instant noodles taste like they are worth $10. Wahahahaa.. just my personal opinion though. Anyway, it was really very nice. Not only it was tasty, full of flavour, it was very springy in texture because the very fact that it is instant noodles!

Verdict: What to do? If I need a quick fix for my craving for big portion of food at an affordable price in town (or specifically at ION), I guess Kim Gary Plus would be one of my top choices!

Kim Gary Plus Hong Kong Restaurant (ION Orchard)
Address: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn #B4-66, Orchard, 238801
Tel: 68357048

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