Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bear Bites 熊の食

I want BEAR PAWS for lunch! Not the exotic delicacy found in China, but the BEARY BEARY CUTE PAW PRINTS BUNS~~~

Located at the outdoor area of *Scape, some may have problems finding the secluded Bear Bites 熊の食. Try to search for Toast Box and Old Chang Kee, and you will find Bear Bites. IF you are still a little lost, don't worry 'cos you won't miss this (see pic below)! It stands right in front of Bear Bites.

Questions: How to order? What to order?
(Note: Click on image to enlarge.)

This "Make Your Bear Paw Bun" (I came up with the name, haha!) order sheet can be collected from the counter. Circle your choice of Meat, Bun and Sauce.

(Important Note: Strawberry buns are seasonal. According to the staff, it will be available in December! Yumyum~)

Once you've done so, queue and order at the counter. Decide if you would like to get a meal (comes with a drink and fries) or just ala carte.

See the menu below! Remember to click on image to enlarge~~

Food are prepared upon ordering. I'm sure we are all patient enough to wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the beary visual-satisfying buns!

Voila! Look at my beary cute buns! My choices were:
- Karaage Crispy Chicken + Brown Sugar Bun + Golden Cheese
- Karaage Crispy Chicken + Yam Bun + Mushroom Sauce
- Oishii Fish Fillet + Milk Bun + Tartar

Tasting time!

Meat: Crispy Chicken was indeed crispy and chunky, but it was quite oily as well. On the other hand, (literally on the other hand) the fish fillet kinda reminds me Big M's fish fillets. It was soft and moist! It could be a healthier choice over the oily fried chicken.

Bun: I thought that the taste was rather light overall, but the texture was rather springy and soft. However, the bun absorbed some of the oil from the fried chicken and the overflowing sauce. Somehow, the bun lost its flavor and became a little soggy when I was eating it halfway.

Sauce: Cheese goes well with almost everything. But the down side of this Golden Cheese sauce was that, it was a little watery. I would love it if it were thicker and stronger in flavor. Good thing that there were slices of mushrooms in the mushroom sauce! It was nicely done and compliments well with the fried chicken. The tartar sauce was too watery, to the extent that my fish fillet was swimming away every time I tried to take a bite. ('cos the watery sauce made it very slippery)

Love it:
- Who doesn't love the bear paw buns? I saw two guys snapping photos of the buns and also of themselves. This is not just cutesy food for kids or girls, but for everyone! We are all (at least many of us) visual animals. I was so visually satisfied by the beary cute buns that I enjoyed my eating experience from the start till the end.

- I was also very pleased with the service of the polite and friendly staff. They serve customers with a smile! A big THANK YOU to the staff at Bear Bites for the good and warm service~

- The alfresco dining area can be very romantic to some. Eating under a big tree, on wooden chairs and tables, with a small pot of plant on the table, romantic isn't it? (^___^) As long as it is not super sunny and hot or drizzling with rain, I quite like the setting.

Not quite happy with:
- The limited number of seats! I hope the shop would expand and open in a sheltered and air-conditioned place. It started to drizzle when I was there. Fortunately, I was almost done with my meal.

- The over-generosity of sauce! My fish bun was totally drenched in the watery tartar sauce. It was a bit messy eating it because everything were sliding here and there. I could barely keep the meat, veggies and bun together. It would help if the sauces were thicker and given in smaller amounts.

- Why I don't get to keep a receipt? There was only one copy of the receipt and the staff took it to prepare the buns. I don't mind not getting one but I just thought some people might have difficulty identifying theirs if they ordered in a big group. (^O^)

Some advice:
- Go on a good weather and during non-peak hours if you wanna dine at their romantic outdoor area due to the limited number of seats. If not, just take away and dine at your comfy choice of place.

- You might want to inform the staff the amount of sauce you want when you order. Some may prefer their buns to be drenched in sauce but some might be like me, sufficient amount would do.

- Bear in mind that the portion of a meal (especially if you upgrade to cheese fries) is quite filling! If you are going with someone or in groups, some can just order the buns ala carte. Not only you can try more bun flavors, you will also have more stomach space to try their Smoked Salmon with Japanese Yuzu Sauce Salad and Bear Paw Gelato! (which I would do so next time..)

Verdict: Though the buns lack a bit of the yummilicious factor, the appealing appearance of the buns is the selling point! Most of all, the wide variety of buns and sauces allow customers to mix and match, and experiment to come up with a delicious bun! I will be back, for sure.

Bear Bites 熊の食
Address: *Scape, 2 Orchard Link, #02-42
Opening hours: (Daily) 10:30 - 22:30

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