Monday, July 29, 2013

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant (Marina Square)

Image: Hifumi Facebook

Yeah~~~ Hifumi Japanese Restaurant has opened its second branch at Marina Square. This popular semi-buffet restaurant was really packed on a Sunday afternoon. I saw couples, groups of friends, family with children, grandparents.. Waah.. See how well-received Hifumi is!

Upon entering, I could see that the seats are really spacious and there is ample space to move around (getting to the all-u-can-eat appetizer bar). I was cheering already. (^O^)

Please refer to my post on Hifumi Japanese Restaurant (Plaza Singapura) for the full menu.

Image: Hifumi Facebook

It seems like their (June) monthly special menu - Japanese Rice Box - is still available. I'm not sure when it would end so be sure to try before it's gone!

Let's talk about the main first~~

Grilled Salmon Rice Box Set ($16.99) - "Maccha sushi rice with semi-grilled salmon" sounds delicious already!

Look at my pinkish delicious-looking salmon waiting for me to dig in... *drools* I like how the salmon slices were so thick and grilled on the side.. Don't hold too high expectations on the quality of the salmon.. The salmon was just average quality but well, since it's under $20 set.. I think it was worth every cent~

Maccha sushi rice!! My first time.. heh heh~~ Sadly, the maccha taste was not distinctive.. It could be easily passed off as seaweed rice..

Baked Chicken with Japanese Pepper Sauce Set ($11.99) was under Healthy Meal category. The chicken was rather bland (haha.. maybe because it was supposed to be healthy?). It seemed as though the chicken was not marinated at all. The biggest disappointment was that even though it was baked, the chicken was not fragrant. Fortunately, it was still quite juicy and the pepper sauce on the outside helped to add some flavour.

Not to forget, the set is not even $12! Look at the generous chunks of the chicken!

Saba Shioyaki Set ($12.99) was really worth it!! It's about the same price as what you can get at food courts but look at how big and fat the saba is! Besides, it was really juicy and tasty! Good!

Below are some snapshots of the unlimited refillable all-you-can-take-and-eat appetizers~~ oops! I forgot about my chawanmushi! I had three of that.. *guilty*

Verdict: Of course I will be back! It seems like they introduce new appetizers (such as dumpling, tapioca chips and lotus roots chips) every now and then.. Good!

The environment is casual and spacious too.. I can leisurely spend my time munching the appetizers.. Walking up and down to refill my drinks multiple times then end my meal with a hot beverage (fave: mocha!).. And at the end of my meal, I'm paying less than $20 per pax! O.M.G.

Small note: The staff use disinfectant when cleaning the tables! Previously I mentioned in my post on its branch at Plaza Singapura where the staff just wipes off the food shreds to the floor and chair. This new branch at Marina Square is so much more hygienic and the staff are more pleasant and more at your service. Deserves a thumbs up!

Hifumi Japanese Restaurant (Marina Square)
Address: Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #02-106A/106B
Tel: 63374721
Opening hours: (Daily) 11:30 - 15:00 / 17:00 - 22:30


  1. wah, never heard of this before. thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Was there and their service was really bad.. I was really disappointed.. food wise is not impressive either. But got a freeflow bar which may favor people who wants to stay there long to chit chat long with friends.
    There are better restaurant though. Hope the rest has better experience than me..