Sunday, July 15, 2012

PAUL Bakery Restaurant

Image: Courtesy of Dining Now Asia

every weekend that i passed by this european style bakery - Paul, it is always populated with queues and hungry customers of both locals and ang mohs.. having read several bloggers' neutral and pro-negative reviews, i decided to verify the good and bad of this bakery myself..

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i'm very very into the ambience and decor of the bakery.. simple european furnishing with comfortable yellow lightings.. the only flaw was the noisy crowd.. i mean we're living in an overcrowding singapore now.. so just have to bear with that..

i waited about 10 mins to get seated.. fast ya.. hahahaha.. there was a queue but here's the tip: the bakery closes a section near the counter in order to control the crowd with the number of staff they have.. however, they open that section at about 1130 to 1145 hours.. so i was able to get seated that quickly despite the long queue.. heehee~

pls turn to Paul's menu to main dishes.. the Chicken Leg is very soft, tender and juicy.. not a tiny bit of the chicken stench that u might find in most chicken dishes.. the sweet fragrant chicken meat was so moist that i understand why gravy or sauce was not needed at all.. tiny flaw: if u're an unskilled cutter like me, u might need a little help from ur partner to debone the chicken leg for u..

potatoes and simple tossed salad by the side.. pretty average.. but the chicken leg was satisfying enough..

medium well-done.. my fav way of having my Sirloin Steak (found on the page of main dishes).. it was really up to my standard! the pinkish soft beef with almost no blood water oozing out when i cut it.. (O_O) the juice had been tightly locked in the meat!! it was when i started chewing.. oh my gosh.. the delicious juice filled my mouth with the tender steak melting inside.. thumbs up!! tiny flaw: the steak was a thinner cut compared to what u see on the menu.. saddens..

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... i "hmmmmm" for 2 seconds.. that's long u know.. try hmmm-ing.. it's very sweet and i like it! sorry but i forgot what this is called.. wahahaha.. anyway.. its super chocolaty and rich.. there were different layers of crust and choc.. each layer just fuses and works so well together.. verrrrry good! tiny flaw: they didnt provide a small dessert fork.. hmmmm.. i wonder why.. saving gaia intention? save water hur?

Verdict: Good but pricey food.. second visit? yes for the nice food.. :D

FAIL: i waited for about 30 minutes for my steak.. did they went to hunt down a cow? nopez.. i was informed that the kitchen did not get my order.. hur hur hur.. the waitress who took my order didnt even have the courtesy to come and apologise to me..

391 Orchard Road
#03-16/16A/17 Ngee Ann City
Tel: 68365932

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