Friday, July 20, 2012

Rise (Marina Bay Sands Hotel)

LOVE THE SALMON SASHIMI!!! the salmon is really fresh and thumbs up for the smoked salmon (top center of the above pic) at the salad bar section. the rest on the first plate was pretty normal except for the octopus salad (right bottom of the pic). first bite: surprisingly creamy seafood taste. second bite: sweet and pleasant. third bite: ... okay next dish pls.

LOVE THE BLACK PEPPER BEEF CUBES!!! it was so good that i filled my plate quarter full of beef cubes in my second round.. (^O^) i didnt really like the beef cheek (top left of the pic, slightly darker than beef cubes).. it was tooooo soft.. *personal taste* the lamb rack was over-cooked but passable, it could be more seasoned and flavourful.. next to lamb is roasted chicken.. hmmm.. missing a pinch of salt maybe? skipping the turkey ham.. i mean its just processed meat.. steamed slice fish.. disappointed.. i think it was over-steamed.. wahahahaa.. last on the plate (left bottom of the pic) is spinach salmon.. the spinach neutralised the salmon taste and vice versa.. in the end.. no taste.. grrrrrrrr...

yummy!! i had two bowls of this - pork ribs lotus roots soup.. the sweetness of both pork ribs and lotus roots is so addictive.. anyway i had no choice but to have this soup.. there were other two - curry soup and green pea cream soup (something close).. hahaah.. i dun take spicy food and i hate green peas!!

i enjoyed their dessert variety to the max! see that choc tart there? it's chocolate caramel.. waaaaaah.. the creamy fudge just spreads and fills my mouth.. so rich.. so thick.. it was the best!

there were four ice cream choices.. sorbet - passion fruit and strawberry (pic above).. have a few spoonful would keep u going for another few more rounds.. refreshing! i enjoyed praline and skipped raspberry..

Verdict: hmmmm.. overpriced ($48++ daily) for lunch buffet with this spread.. but consider that it's at MBS.. well.. nonetheless, for the same price category, i would consider having a lunch buffet at certain hotels in town which would provide a better spread..

Note: i skipped spicy dishes such as Chicken Curry, Fish Curry, Chilli Crab etc..

FAIL: no prawns! there were nooooooooo prawns, crayfish, baby lobster, crab at cold seafood section! only mussels, scallop, clams.. saddened..

Rise (Marina Bay Sands Hotel)
10 Bayfront Avenue
Tower 2, Lobby Level Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Tel: 66885525

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