Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Triple Three

i had buffet lunch (weekday) at Triple Three (Mandarin Orchard Hotel).. let's start the food journey bah~~

Sweet Corn Soup

dun be deceived by the normal appearance of the above labelled "Sweet Corn Soup"! it was cooked and filled with crab meat! not just only bits and pieces of real crab meat.. there were chunks and chunks of sweet tasty crab meat in that big silver pot.. u'll just have to be skilful and tactful when it comes to digging the good stuff~~

I FORGOT TO SNAP MY Pumpkin Soup!!! tsk! it was reaaaaaaaally creamy and thick - the way i like it to be.. nonetheless.. another pinch of salt could have added extra flavour and bring out the sweetness of the pumpkin..

Sushi + Sashimi

folks, you can totally skip the maki because of two reasons - ingredients are not exquisite enough to take up that limited space of your stomach, and it can be quite filling.. HOWEVER! please please try their sushi! they were prepared so professionally.. FIY: i picked up the sushi with my lousy chopsticks technique and turned the sushi upside down.. guess what! the prawn and salmon were firmly knitted to the rice.. OMG! yet the rice was still soft and separates when u put them in your mouth.. ~ so touching ~ next, the sashimi.. only two words - - - FRESH! Good! *salivating*


if u are hoping for ebi tempura.. be ready for disappointment.. coz they only have Sweet Potato (as seen in photo above) and Swordfish Tempura (which i forgot to snap).. both are on unlimited supply coz the chef at that counter kept frying and frying.. so people who enjoys tempura can knock yourselves out..


all buffet-goers know one golden rule - to make your deal worth, attack the seafood counter! hmmmm.. i saw prawns, oysters, errrr... more.. prawns and oysters. . . . . WHERE'S MY CRAB? LOBSTERS? OR MAYBE BABY LOBSTERS? EVEN CRAYFISH????? *angry face* why??? really.. srsly! why? though the plus-sized juicy cold prawns did comforted my broken heart a lil bit.. but i can't help but to question it over and over again.. what's with that ridiculous limited selection of seafood?!

Fried Squid + Tori Karaage + Veal Sausage

Surprise Surprise~ what a nice surprise! the fried squid is so crispy on the outside yet soft and chewy on the inside!!!!! okay.. there were two squid dishes.. one is the delicious fried ones.. the other is the stir-fry ones - which were super rubbery and tasteless *bleh*.. so just stick to the fried ones k! next, the tori karaage were okay - at least not dry and really got meat one lor.. well.. the sausage was a big fail to me.. not nice.. i frowned when i took a bite lehz.. it was slightly heated up and served only.. do i need a chef for that?

XO Sauce Fried Rice

LG lor.. looks good.. but *sigh* not even pass the golden standard of the definition of fried rice.. the fried rice dun have 锅气! literally means the fragrance of the wok.. -in short: bad. small fail. can skip.-

however, pls pls pls (even if there is a queue) try their pasta! the chef was super generous with the toppings and sauce and the pasta.. it was nice! the pasta was about 90% cooked.. the standard pasta.. just nice.. with huge scoop of toppings (choice of beef/seafood).. and u might have realised i dun have that photo coz i was so captivated that i forgot to snap! (>_<) Lamb Chop with Potato

soft, tender, juicy, tasty, delicious lamb chop.. hmmmm.. it was so well-marinated that u won't even have the feeling that u are eating mutton wor.. heehee.. but pls dun be kiasu like me and take the potatoes.. i think they were just for display.. wahahahaa.. kidding.. it was on the big label.. so i guess they were part of the dish.. but they were really awful! to the extent that i swallowed the first bite with gulps of water..

Teppanyaki Beef

at first when i saw the bloody water coming out of the beef, i though they were too raw and.. well bloody.. but but but.. the beef was tender and just nice!! i could stuff the whole big slice of it and chew it well and swallow it.. those who eat beef must have the bad experience of unable to swallow one small bite of badly prepared beef and kept chewing.. but not this.. it's that good.. (^O^)

Roast Duck

really generous portion and the skin was still crispy.. however.. i thought it was too salty.. but if u are a carbo person.. pls eat this with white rice (available there)..


Cakes + Puffs + Tarts were all above-average compared to other hotel buffet restaurants.. i meant all.. really all.. coz i tried almost all.. wahahahaaaa~~

oso u gotta have these sweet treats with a cup of coffee or tea right? (i forgot to snap again) i had cappuccino and it was good.. but i wanna point out that their coffee machine sucks! i think some bloggers had pointed this out already.. and it seems that they are still stuck with that faulty, malfunctioning coffee machine.. LOL..

the Longan and Sea Coconut was not very popular wor.. because many ppl only take the ice-melted water on the surface with those floating longan and probably didnt realise got sea coconut.. see! buffet-goers are not lidat.. we dig out the good stuff! look at the longanssssss and sea coconut i dug up.. with sensible taste of sugar syrup..

finally.. my verdict: go only when there is one-for-one deal, or 50% off..
based on the spread and quality.. dun go bonkers and pay $70++ during festive seasons..

Triple Three
333 Orchard Road
Level 5 Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Tel: 68316271

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