Saturday, July 28, 2012

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Anchorpoint)

New item!
Deep fried Mango with Prawn Roll: very nice! too bad i had to share.. u can order one plate for yourself!
small flaw: they could be more generous with the mango.. tsk..

Chicken Chop Cream Sauce Spaghetti: omg the CREAM sauce was really bad.. reminds me of my school canteen those kind.. chicken chop is xin wang's usual standard..

Seafood Hor Fun: first look - waaaaaaaaah~~ so big plate.. when u dig in.. most of the place was made up of the gravy.. disappointed.. what brightens me up was that - there were 9 prawns.. wow!

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Anchorpoint)
370 Alexandra Road
#01-13/14 Anchorpoint Shopping Centre
Tel: 64744498

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