Sunday, July 14, 2013

Genki Sushi (Chinatown Point)

Genki Sushi - the highly acclaimed high-tech sushi restaurant in Singapore. Well, using iPad to order is not a novel selling point anymore. Hence, Genki Sushi had infused more selling points that set them different from other sushi restaurants, or rather, from all restaurants in general.. Read on...

Upon arrival, the staff politely handed me an iPad and explained to me how to order using it.. Check out what's on promotion! (Click and enlarge the iPad!) Do check the battery life of your iPad in case it dies on you in the middle of your meal.. (^O^) I noticed that they have an area near the entrance where they charge all the iPads.. That's better! When I visited the outlet at Orchard Central more than a year ago, I remember I had to charge it on my own at the table..

I like the clean and organized set-up.. Toothpicks on the left and chopsticks on the right in the drawer, and sauces on top of it..

Besides the soy sauce plates and tub of ginger.. they provide tissue and a rubbish bin.. Yes! You saw and read correctly.. That's a rubbish bin on the left!

The reason of having the rubbish bin clears up.. {Please clear food debris before inserting plate} Wooooh.. Seems like there's a lot of DIY going on here.. No wonder I only see 2 to 3 staff around on a Saturday when the restaurant was almost packed with customers..

DIY includes making and refilling my own tea - which I would gladly do it! I can make my own thick thick matcha and refilling it with hot water as and when I want.. No need to search for eye contact and wave for staff's assistance..

I love the all-you-can-drink and all-you-can-make matcha idea.. Can all Japanese restaurants be like that? Hah I wish!

Yeah~~ Genki Sushi's biggest and my fave selling point! I like how my food arrives in "Express".. hahahah~~ My orders came reeeeeeeeeaaaaally fast.. Each order came within 3 to 5 minutes upon confirming my order on the iPad.. That's "express" as well..

Chawanmushi / Steamed Egg with Crab Meat ($3.80) is good, compared to some other sushi chain restaurants.. But the tastiness has slightly dropped compared to when I tried this at the outlet at Orchard Central a year ago.. Nonetheless, it is still worth ordering.. Besides the two chucks of crab meat, there were two shrimps, a slice of fish cake.. soft and smooth egg with the thick and tasty soup..

Vegetable Kakiage ($2.30) was crispy and served in generous portion! It goes well with rice.. So I was munching this while having my Salmon Oyako Don.. (^o^)

Salmon Oyako Don ($7.80) was slightly below average.. There were 5 or 6 slices of salmon but I thought that they could be slightly thicker.. The rice was the down part.. Not sure if it was because there was not enough vinegar or the rice was done long ago.. it was a little dry and bland.. But considering the affordable price, I'm not all that unhappy with it..

Salmon Triple Flavour ($3.80) - I can't really remember the names.. But I think it comprised of Salmon sushi, Seared Salmon with Pollock Roe and Seared Salmon with Cheese & Black Pepper.. Go with the sequence.. Eat from the lightest in flavour to the strongest.. This is a must-order for me!

Shrimp Triple Flavour ($3.80) - the shrimp version was just as nice! Just that I love salmon more.. Hahaha!

Tempura Shrimp Sushi ($2.30) - I found that the batter was badly done.. Yes it was crispy alright.. But because it was so thick that it was kind of hard in texture.. Of course.. because of that.. I could barely taste my prawn..

Yuzu Sorbet ($3.80) was served with a small slice of tangerine.. I like that there were small dices of yuzu fruit in the sorbet.. Love it!

Before you leave:
1. Clean and clear your plates!
2. Take your iPad to the counter for payment.

- Many people tapped on the "call for bill" button on the iPad but the staff went and told them to bring the iPad with them to the counter.
- Some people just took off and went to the counter directly without the iPad. The staff had to get it for them.

Verdict: I like the setting in every way and on many levels. Firstly, the DIY part. Taking my food when it comes to my table on the "Express way", then press the blinking button to send the Express tray back.. Making my own matcha.. cleaning and inserting my plates into the dish slot.. Genki Sushi is an "engaging" restaurant in a way..

Secondly, the convenient way of ordering food. I always have trouble flagging down a staff for assistance in some restaurants.. Is asking for a refill or enquiry about my 40-minute late order a problem? Huh? Huh? With the iPad, I can order what I want when I want to.. Please note that if you buy take-outs, you order with iPad too!

Thirdly, the combination of first and second reason.. I can clear my own table and make space for more food! Hahahaaa..

Conclusion: Yes! I will visit Genki Sushi again.

Genki Sushi (Chinatown Point)
Address: Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road, #02-33
Phone: 67020900
Opening hours: (Daily) 11:30 - 22:00

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  1. I went to the one at Orchard. It was awesome! I'll go again for sure! The ordering from the Ipad was just too fun! Hahahah thanks for this post! Check out my review if you like!