Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (Chinatown Point)

after shopping and walking for hours..
i was craving for something sweet and cold..
after pondering hard while looking at the menu..
i decided to order Durian Snow Ice ($5)..

hmmmm.. the snow ice turned out to be much smaller portion than what was shown on the official picture on the menu..
but the guy next to me ordered Mango Snow Ice.. and his was really a big mountain of ice lehz..
unfair.. tsk (>_<)

the Durian Snow Ice does not have any fruit but only syrup and durian-flavoured ice..
for my next visit.. I wanna try Mango Snow Ice that has mango cubes!

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert (Chinatown Point)
133 New Bridge Road
#B2-32/33 Chinatown Point
Tel: 65383892

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