Sunday, May 5, 2013

Japan Trip: Day 1

It's gonna be almost one month since I went to Japan to eat, shop, see sakura and enjoy the season of Spring~..
I shall slowwwwwwly blog abt my trip :)

(Fly away~ on 6 April)
At 1 am, I am already in my sleep mode. As excited as I could be, I was still dragging my tired feet to the departure gate at Singapore Changi Airport. Guess who was or were there to send me off???? *drum roll~*

It was Kai Kai and Jia Jia with their bamboo.. wahahahaa!

(Arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport...)
Fast forward to Japan time to 9.30am! Oha! Oha! Ohaiyo~ Arriving with a grumbling stomach.. Every inch of my skin and every taste bud of my tongue were craving for Japanese food.. But there was no bento! saddenz.. I had to settle for the F&B offered at the kiosk.. I picked up some drinks and snacks to tame my empty stomach while travelling on a 5-hour journey to Osaka..

Before I forget, let me remind all curious hungry hoppers like me, not every sakura-related product taste good.. The Sakura Peach Tea quenched my thirst.. but it was rather bland.. I would like it more if the peach taste was stronger.. The Strawberry Pocky is heart-shaped de!! It's super duper kawaii (cute)... There were bits of strawberry and the taste is so much more 'strawberry' and creamier.. Love it~~ Nabisco Chip Star (Caesar Salad) was super oishii (delicious).. Right after I landed, just tidbits were enough to make my jaw drop and they were good enough for me to comment that they are NOT junk food!!

(Arrive at Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka)

What to do at Osaka? OMG what else? EAT SHOP EAT EAT SHOP EAT EAT! I first headed to Dotonbori.

The number one must-eat (if not you did not come to Osaka) is Takoyaki!

It would be impossible for you to miss this store.. besides that GIGANTIC Octopus shown in the picture above, there is always a long queue at the shop front.. besides the original Takoyaki (octopus), they also have Bacon and Cheese and Seafood (prawn) options.. I tried their Takoyaki.. it was a big WOW moment for me.. It was so good to the extent that I realised this is the REAL Takoyaki.. even the ones in Tokyo are not even half as nice as this store's Takoyaki! Yes! its that good.. The outer is soft and it was as thin as a membrane.. once you cut it into half.. the soft, moist and creamy inner just ooze out with the chunk of tako (octopus).. it was to die for.. really..

Osaka Dotonbori's famous crab.. yes it was very delicious but it was very expensive as well.. I managed to find/eat crab that was as good yet bigger in portion and cheaper in price when I went Tokyo later of my trip.. The second photo was my dinner.. the crab from this famous store is on the top right corner with the two ice packs on top of it.. three words would nail the second picture - everything was oishii!

Haha.. This cream puff shop opens late late along Shinsaibashi.. you can buy a few and eat while doing your shopping.. be sure to grab the favorites before they run out!

Finally words for the post on my Day 1 in Japan: Females are priviledged~ when travelling on trains during peak hours. They have special cabins in the middle of the train for Women Only. (^O^)

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