Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yomenya Goemon (Changi City Point)

Basic info: Yomenya Goemon's main highlights are their Japanese-style spaghetti.. and they serve Japanese-style pizza too.. I find their website ( very helpful.. the menu on the website shows the pictures (close to the real deal) of the food items and prices.. i'd recommend anyone who is interested to browse through their website before going in clueless..

each lunch set comes with soup, a soft drink and (DIY) salad~~~
i ordered regular lunch set because i read that their portions are big..

salad is DIY at the salad bar.. i'm super picky when it comes to vegetables.. though it's not colorful and attractive.. i'm posting the picture of my salad anyway.. for those who are interested to know, i had lettuce, tofu, cucumber, pineapple and lychee.. heehee..

hmmm.. is the soup tofu soup? i only had one sip.. i think my taste buds had been pampered too much.. i thought that the soup was rather bland.. (-.-) nvm.. i was too full from drinking my ginger ale anyway..

Avocado & Shrimp with Cheese Cream Sauce: the avocado did not blend into the dish and also did not bring out the taste i thought it would be.. the spaghetti and sauce did not have a tinge of avocado taste.. on another hand.. the avocado's taste was masked by the creamy sauce.. it's a "not-here-nor-there" spaghetti..

Mozzarella & Pork Sausage with Napolitean Sauce: it was average.. nothing to inspire me to write more..

Verdict: maybe because i cook spaghetti too so i have high expectations when i visit restaurants, especially those that recommend or sell spaghetti only.. Yomenya Goemon did not surprise me.. but i'm willing to try it again because of the DIY salad bar and big big portion of spaghetti and the wide variety of spaghetti choices.. that being said.. maybe i made poor choices of spaghetti.. i will try others next time!

Service: pleasant but they could walk around more often and look around to see if there are customers in distress.. wahahahaaa~

Ambience: comfortably bright.. not too dim.. seats were quite close to your neighbours.. so u'll be practically sharing your neighbours' woes and gossips..

FYI: only one serving from the salad bar is allowed.. it would be so much better if it's salad bar buffet~~ keke..

Yomenya Goemon (Changi City Point)
Address: 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-28 Changi City Point, Singapore
Tel: 66364816

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