Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bay Sushi (Marina Bay Sands)

Bay Sushi has, thus far, very positive reviews.. I had high hopes and expectations since Bay Sushi is under Todai.. Let me review my food experience at this cosmopolitan sushi outlet that claims to satisfy cravings for adventurous treats in style..

All set lunches include Miso Soup, Avocado Salad, Agedashi Tofu, Chawanmushi, and Cheese Cake.

Miso soup was pretty average. It was served in a very small cup.. with a tea spoon at the side.. at the first glance across your neighbour's table, you might mistaken it as a cup of tea.. hahahahaa..

The Avocado Salad was above average.. the dressing has a tinge of citrus taste to it.. coupled with the creamy avocado and fresh crunchy vegetables made it as good as it can be.. unlike some salad in certain restaurants where u hoped that the chef could be more generous with the dressing.. rest assured that at Bay Sushi, the dressing is more than enough for u to savour and enjoy ur salad..

This Agedashi Tofu is not quite the Agedashi Tofu i had been eating.. u may call me conservative, typical, unconventional.. but this is NOT Agedashi Tofu... nothing was right about this dish.. hahahahaaa.. but still can eat lah.. it's not awful but not fantastic either..

The Chawanmushi was a big disappointment.. Judging from the branding (under Todai), location (MBS), price (each set lunch priced $50++), guess what is in this cup of Chawanmushi.. there's of course egg, fish cake (as u can see), a shrimp (as u can see) and. . . . . no more.. that's it.. srsly! my disappointment increases as i keep eating to the last scoop of steam egg with that tea spoon which was served with the Miso Soup.. pathetic to the max! i taste no chicken broth in that chawanmushi.. maybe there is but it was just too bland.. where's my crabstick? maybe a cube of chicken was lost somewhere? the fact that the restaurant is non-typical, i'll agree in this case..

putting the disappointment and grievances i have for the appetizers and soup aside, the main dish - Sashimi & Sushi was the highlight! the assorted sushi u see lined up on the front were ALL very yummilicious! (except the prawn sushi that was quite normal) no complaints.. none at all.. initially i thought it wouldn't be filling coz as you can see.. it's just a few slices of fish and mouthfuls of rice.. but i take back my words.. because the sashimi was cut super thick!!! each slice is about 0.7cm.. see pic below!

it was more than satisfying.. salmon, swordfish and tuna.. there were two slices for each of these sashimi.. one slice is equivalent to about two slices of what most other restaurants serve. can u imagine how ONE THICK slice of salmon sashimi melts in your mouth.. *drools*

Orange Chicken is such a pleasant surprise!!!! the thick tangy sauce was very rich and flavourful.. although the chicken cubes were heavily covered with the sauce, the skin was still crispy and the chicken were still juicy and tender! the cubes were cut big to satisfy each mouthful i take.. the portion was very big.. recommend for big-eaters.. :)

The Cheese cake was average.. it gave me the feeling of "nothing more, nothing less".. but i was really surprised that the cake was small.. normally i can finish in three mouthfuls.. but being polite, i finished in 5 mouthfuls.. kekeke..

Ambience: not bad wor.. it's not people-staring kind of envrt and seats were quite spaced out.. they even have private rooms.. but their seating is quite limited..

Service: most staff are very pleasant.. but not very attentive.. generally normal singapore service lor.. dun expect the kind of service u get in Japan lah..

but there's one particular MALE floor manager who pissed me off.. he's tall, bespectacled, not bad looking guy.. he got the "look people down" kinda attitude.. omg.. i was surprised to see him with that aura walking ard the restaurant..

Verdict: hmmmm.. I'd recommend all Japanese food-lovers to try!! but i wouldn't go for a second visit.. unless there's promo.. (^0^)

there's certainly room for improvement..

1) the menu looked really worn off, pages were crumpled, stains on the sides.. most imptly, the menu looked like a secondary home econs work..

2) staff training - after being ushered to the table, handed a menu, the staff just walked away without a word! never ask what drink i want, never explain anything, such as "we are having this set lunches.. pls feel free to ask for assistance..".. we didn't feel welcomed at all..

3) staff - are they not happy working there? why aren’t they smiling? staff's smile would make customers feel happy.. and psychologically enjoy the food more.. -.- 笑ってください~

Bay Sushi (Marina Bay Sands)
Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue, #B2 - 01B The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Tel: 668877070

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