Saturday, January 8, 2011

Putien (NEX)

it was my mom's birthday so we went to Pu Tien to celebrate~ as many reviewers have mentioned, i was kinda disappointed as well to learn that they no longer serve buffet.. nonetheless.. the food is worth the visit and the $$$.. now let's cut the chase and go on to my food journey~~

Fried Noodle (Mee Sua) 妈祖面线

this is the best Mee Sua i've ever had so far.. no only the Mee Sua is super fragrant after absorbing the sweetness of the clams, scallops and prawns.. there's nuts that adds crunchiness into the soft Mee Sua.. also.. the seaweed is super crispy as if they were pan-fried.. even after u've left the dish that for a while.. unlike most of the mee sua that we had which absorbs the soup and becomes super soggy.. this Mee Sua @ Pu Tien does not! of course it absorbs the gravy/soup but it doesn't become mashy and soggy! woah~~ this is nice!
my mom's recommendation!

Bamboo Herbal Prawn 药膳竹筒虾

this is heavenly! the herbal taste is not those bitter kind.. it's sweet and very fragrant.. the bamboo, after being steamed, enhanced the aroma of this soup.. not only the soup was great till i licked to the very last drop.. the two BIG prawns are very smooth, sweet, fresh, Q and fused with the herbal fragrance of the soup..

Pu Tien Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees 莆田荔枝肉

i know mixing lychees with sweet & sour pork is no longer novel.. but this one @ Pu Tien is really one of the best i've had! firstly, the sweet & sour pork is ENTIRELY cover with the thick and tangy sauce.. however, the outer of the pork remains crisp while the inner is super tender and juicy with the fragrance of lychees!! wonderful dish~~

Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic 脆皮蒜香鸡

i'm so glad the chicken wasn't dry and tough.. coz it sure looked like it would.. but i'm kinda disappointed with its boring and not-surprising taste.. it just taste like every other Deep-fried Chicken with Garlic that u can find in other similar chinese restaurants like Crystal Jade..
Can give it a miss. . .

Pomfret in Fermented Red Rice Wine 红糟鲳鱼

the fish was dry.. sliced toooooo thinly that i can't savour or even enjoy the sweetness of the fish.. as they were too thin so ultimately after all the frying.. the fish became super dry.. *sad*
Can we skip this?

Deep-fried Duck with Yam 芋香鸭

very very very very very very UNIQUE!! i'm a person who seldom eats duck coz i think there's a smell and i don't really like it.. but this is good! not only the duck meat is tender, soft, it is sweet too! the yam that wraps around the duck gave a very surprising good combination.. the yam is very fine and fragrant.. it is not too sweet so as not to overpower the taste of the duck (main).. the outer crust just perfects the dish.. the crust is not oily and not thick.. though i think there can still be improvement on the sauce.. as both duck and yam are considered sweet ingredients.. the sauce could be more tangy.. maybe could add like plum sauce or orange sauce?? i find the sauce they have a little too diluted.. nonetheless.. my mom and sis find this dish very good even without the sauce..

i enjoyed my first dining experience at Pu Tien.. the staff are very polite, attentive, well-equipped with knowledge they ought to abt the dishes and my mom likes that they are well-groomed.. looking neat and tidy also gives people the impression that the restaurant is hygienic and food is 'clean'.. most importantly.. the service is very prompt.. i waited only for abt 7 mins and within another 7 minutes i had all my dishes up.. so efficient! GOOD!!!

Putien (Nex)
23 Serangoon Central
#02-18/19 Nex
Tel: 66348035

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