Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill

the photos of this post were taken with my sister's new camera.. hmmm.. i'm more used to my camera so i'm not very satisfied with the pictures.. nonetheless.. my sis and i were very satisfied with the steaks at Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill..

of course.. be realistic with your expectations.. don't compare the steaks with those that cost more than 100 bucks in up-scale and high class restaurants..

considering the price range, i'd say Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill offers better steaks than Aston.. however, Aston has a better range in the choices of sides..

but i'll hold my reservations on commenting on how good or bad Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill is.. the restaurant is relatively new and i felt that it is not well-established yet.. the location is rather secluded at basement 1 of Marina Square..

when i was walking towards the restaurant, i thought it was empty.. but i realised the customers were all ushered to the back of the restaurant.. i just thought that they should fill up the seats at the entrance of the restaurant.. it's a psychological cum marketing technique.. by filling up the seats near the entrance create a false impression that the restaurant is popular and considering human's curiosity of "how could i miss this??!" will draw more customers.. rmb how we will queue in a queue even when we dunno what we are queueing for? it's the same logic..

anyway.. the staff were all courteous and knowledgeable.. very approachable.. pls don't hesitate to ask them if u have any questions! i'm not a pro when it comes to steak.. there are so many different parts of the cow where the steaks came from.. and i dunno which are what and what is where.. simply, i dunno what i'm eating.. but i know it's nice.. that's it.. haha~~

i like that they offer potato chips while u slowing decide what u want on the extensive menu of steaks.. but i really dunno how to appreciate the bread they provide after they took ur order.. if the bread hit the glass, the glass will shatter.. LOL..

let's get on with what my sis and i had.. ooops! sorry.. there'll be no explanation of the dishes coz i've forgotten what i had.. i know it's steak.. no worries.. i can assure u that the steaks at Hippopotamus are good and value for money.. XD

P.S.: they offer course meal but the main course (includes 3 sides) itself is very filling already! so if u go in pair, one course meal (main course with 3 sides plus appetiser and dessert) to share / two main courses would be enough..

Hippopotamus Restaurant Grill
6 Raffles Boulevard
#01-204/205 Marina Square
Tel: 63385352

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